Baader parts for filleting machines

Over a period of several years, belts are developed special belts in close cooperation with well-known companies from the fish processing industry, which are specifically tailored to their needs and wishes. From the point of view of our customers, the following points were particularly desirable for the new development: Compared to the original Baader and Arenco belts, the belts should be easier to deflect and at the same time have a longer service life. In addition, the belts should ensure maximum precision when positioning the fish and transport the sensitive products as gently and damage-free as possible.

The jointly newly developed belts are poly-V belts with tension members that have a PU coating in FDA quality and are also equipped with stainless steel bristles. The length of the bristles (up to 6 mm) and their alignment (vertical or diagonal) can be chosen by our customers. Since the straps are used for fish of different sizes, two versions with different strap hardnesses are available: a harder one for larger fish and a softer one for smaller fish.

The results of the trial operation on our customers’ systems were consistently positive: the choice of material and the bristles on the newly developed belts guarantee that the fish can run safely through the filleting machines, is gentle on the fish and therefore produces a perfect fillet with smooth cuts. In addition, the deflection of the belts has been improved and their service life has been considerably extended. In addition, the  belts are significantly cheaper compared to the Baader and Arenco original belts:


Belts for Baader and Arenco  machines meet the most demanding requirements reliably and to the full satisfaction of our customers. They represent an excellent alternative to conventional belts for operators of filleting systems as well as for machine dealers and suppliers of used machines. We would be happy to support you in the selection or construction of tailor-made special belts for your project!

Important to know is that the belts are made in Europe.