bitzer blast freezer

Used Compressor unit Bitzer OSN 7471-ECO, 3 compressor y.o.b. 2009, 1 compressor y.o.b. 2006. This compressor unit has the following components: Electromotor Schorch KA7280S-AB03B-Z (75 kW at 2970 RPM), Liquid Receiver Bitzer (228 Liter.), Economizer

Brand    Bitzer

Type      OSN 7471-ECO (x4)

Refrigerant        R 507

kW at -20ºC/ 40ºC         502

kW at -30ºC/ 40ºC         345,2

kW at -40ºC/ 40ºC         226

Electromotor kW             75

Unloaded Start

Capacity Control

On steel base frame

Pressure safety switches Hp/Lp/Op

Pressure gauges Hp/Lp/Op

Liquid receiver

Liquid receiver ltr.           228

Liquid line filter drier

Sight Glass

Control panel

Sizes      6225x1850x2500 mm (LxWxH)

Remarks              3 compressor y.o.b. 2009, 1 compressor y.o.b. 2006



Brand    Evapco

Type      LVCA 118A

Product type     Evaporating Condensor

kW         470

Number of Fans              1

Refrigerant        NH 3 (ammonia)

Sizes      4700x1230x2230 (LxWxH)

Remarks              #

Amount in stock              1