catfish farm 350 till 400 ton per year SOLD


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Status: Available

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Plant consist


fish tanks

Pump tanks

Sediment filters

Polyester feed silos with shuttle

Filter material : hig surface bacterial grow to clean the water from amonia and other for recirculation the water

Stainless steel grading machine2-22 mm:

Small  FGM8 with stainless steel bowl

2mm bottom sieve and collecting :

Oxygen frame  RVS :To put into a life transport tank.

Oxygen reactor stainless steel for  Catvis

Storage containers 40 ltr (junction boxes )

Storage Bins 80 liter PE with aluminum reinforcement ring:

Storage Bins 105 l PE with aluminum reinforcement ring:

New spare pump Lowara CN40 125/15 : 30 m3 / hr x 15 mwc 380 V 1.5 KW :


Breeding  fingerlings system :

3 glass breeding tanks

1 sediment tank

1 pump tank

1 tray

1 biofilter including filter material :

1 Lowara pump 1.5 KW :

8 electro 24V feeders :

1 pump tank :



Condition Good