Length  6000 mm

  • Pre-wash zone (optional)
    Here, spray nozzles clean the crates at a low water temperature (approx. 30-40 °C). This removes the blood and protein residues from the crates. The rough dirt particles are removed directly. If the temperature is too high (from 48 °C), the proteins will clump together (‘coagulate’).
  • Main wash zone
    In the main wash zone, spray nozzles clean the crates with hot water (approx. 50-65 °C). Fats and bacterial contaminants are removed in combination with the right chemicals. This keeps the germ count in the wash tank as low as possible.
  • Rinse zone
    In this zone, the products are rinsed with fresh cold or hot water, with the aim of effectively removing the cleaning/disinfectant agent. Rinsing with hot water helps with the drying of the crates. Our crate washers are designed in such a way as to enable optimal re-use of the rinse water containing the chemical residue.