stephan emulsifier

The Stephan Microcut machines are compact and easy to use. The unique Microcut principle allows fine cutting and emulsifying processes in one machine. Microcut MCH-D machines with double cutting set are for medium and big capacity applications but require very little space in the factory only. The low inlet height of the funnel allows installing the machine directly below the exit of a grinder or bowling cutter. They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of meat masses for sausage production, fine pate, puree, baby food and similar fine and smooth products in the meat and convenience industry.



Manufacturer: Stephan

Function: Used to fine cut and emulsify

Capacity: 6000 kg/hour

Motor: EM 280 S-2

Year of manufacture: 1993

Installed power: 75 kW (2970 r/min)

Electrics: 400V/50Hz/3 Phase

Machine case, cutting case and funnel in stainless steel

Includes spare cutting rings & heads included (See photos)


Length: 225 cms

Width: 115 cms

Height: 215 cms

Weight: 1400 kgs