8 ton spiral freezer


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Status: Available

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Subject: Spiral freezer
Brand: Starfrost Frigoscandia Helix Freezing System
Type: 85-40-27.25
Year of Build: 1994
Stages: 27.25
Belt width: 1016mm, 966 mm useful
Length belt: 557 meters
Product clearance: 60 mm max.
Reference time: 45 minutes
KG/Hour:  approx 8                               Approx 7 ton till 8 ton 




Length machine chamber: 14 meters

Width machine chamber:   8,6 meters

Height machine chamber:  5,1 meters


Totall 9 evaporators with a total  capacity of 900 kw – 40 degree C

You do not need to use the 900 kw if it is required


NOTE the drawing is the original drawing with 6 fans , but later it is expanded to 9 fans !!!




Brand:           Woods

Pieces:         9

Type:            90jm/25/4/9

Capacity:      13 kW p. fan


Belt wash installation included. Prespool with 2,5 bar, after spool with 70 bar with 50°C water temperature.


Installation is working on Freon R22 system, can be rebuild for NH3 (ammonia).