Geneglace 20-30 TON-24hr icemachine – AMMONIA latest version SOLD


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20-30ton/24hr. Geneglace ICEMACHINE installation



Brand:                                   Geneglace
Type:                                     F900

Capacity:                              20-30ton/24hr. by water temperature of 15 degree and ambient temperature 20 degree C
Refrigerant:                          NH3/Ammonia

Pieces:                                   1


Brand     Sabroe

Type       SMC 112 L

Refrigerant            NH 3 (ammonia)

kW at -10ºC/ 40ºC            452,1

kW at -20ºC/ 40ºC            258,6

kW at -30ºC/ 40ºC            127,8

kW at -40ºC/ 40ºC            44,6

Electromotor kW  160

Unloaded Start    

Capacity Control 

On steel base frame           

Pressure safety switches Hp/Lp/Op 

Pressure gauges Hp/Lp/Op              

Liquid receiver      Pieces:                                   1


Total capacity:                     150 kW at -28C/ 40C


CONDENSER   Air cooled

Brand:                                   Güntner

Type:                                     S-AGVH 091C/2x4L

Capacity:                              570 kW

Sizes:                                     8400x2380x1540 mm (LxWxH)

Pieces:                                   1



Control panel with all necessary regulations and relais