Frigoscania flow feezer


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FRIGOSCANDIA FFB 26 ADF – FloFreezer installation offer



Brand:                                       Frigoscandia

Type:                                          FFB 26 ADF

Capacity:                                   4.500 kg/hr (based on Strawberries)

Infeed temperature:                20°C Outfeed temperature:            -10°C Evap. Temperature:                -37°C

Refrigerant:                              NH3/Ammonia

Belt width:                                1200 mm effective

Outside dimensions:               8100x5250x4500 mm (LxWxH) (including infeed vibrator)

Pieces:                                       1


Screw compressor unit:

Brand:                                       Mycom

Type:                                          2520SLC-61

Refrigerant:                              NH3/Ammonia (modified) Capacity:                                   390 kW at -40°C/ 40°C Electromotor:                           355 kW at 2960 RPM

Including:                                  – unloaded start                                        – capacity control

– on steel base frame                               – pressure safety switches

– pressure gauges                                     – oil separator

– control panel

Remarks:                                   Shaft seal replaced in 2009! Very good condition

Pieces:                                       1


Evaporating Condenser:

Brand:                                       Evapco

Type:                                          LSCA-X-350

Refrigerant:                              NH3/Ammonia

Capacity:                                   1230 kW

Dimensions:                             3680x2160x3800 mm (LxWxH)

Pieces:                                       1



–    1x Control panel components such as FloFreezer regulation, Compressor regulation, Evaporating Condenser regulation and all relais

–    1x Low pressure separator Witt // 5.850 ltr. and incl. 3x pump Witt GP51

–    1x Intermediate separator Witt // approx. 1.600 ltr.

–    1x NH3 receiver Witt // 730 ltr.