fish meal plant 100 ton per day


Type: Fishmeal and Fish Oil Plant of High Protein Content (A.C.P.) Technology of Tip / Drying with Steam

(Rotadisks / Rotatubes).


Classification: Industrial (Procesa anchoveta, Horse mackerel, Mackerel, Sardine Etc.) Within the Supreme Decree qualifies as

Type C Protein Concentrate Plant



Current Operating License Capacity: 04 tm / h


Equipment capacity: up to 07 tm / h (with some minor modifications).



Sanitary Qualifications

– For High Protein Flour (Europe, France, Brazil)

– For Fish Oil for Human Consumption (Europe, France, Brazil)



Advantages of this plant:

– 100% operational / turnkey

– The only one left for sale of less than 10 tm / h of the Industrial sector, the next smallest is 25 tm / h and is no longer for sale.

– Need for low raw material an average of 70/80 tm per 20 hours


The little raw material allows to receive the fish in boxes with ice and in isothermal trucks.

– This results in the best fishmeal and fish oil on the market.

. High Value Added Products.

– You do not need flat because it is Mediterranean, little raw material.

– This allows you to bring the fish by truck from where the fishing area is located.

– Until 2011 this plant also processed discards and waste, as a result

of an illegal change of rules, this possibility is suspended, but we have ongoing administrative and legal procedures to return our rights.



Assemble a CHD plant within the E.I.P. , which can be preserved, frozen, industrial anchored and automatically with that license of A.C.P. Waste and discards generated at the CHD plant can be processed, according to Art. 16 ° of the Waste and Disposal Regulation approved by D.S. 005-2011-PRODUCE


IT IS THE IDEAL COMPLEMENT FOR AN INDUSTRIAL GAMBER or for a large fishmeal company that wants to use this plant as a laboratory

for the manufacture of protein concentrates of fish and oil of high quality (CHD) since it can derive a minimum amount of fish from any discharge from its large factory, keep it on ice and send it in an isothermal truck to the seedling.