vertical plate freezers with plant SOLD


Stock Nr: 2013

Status: Available

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vertical plate freezers with plant


4x Plate Freezer (3x 20 plates and 1x 26 plates)

Plate size 100 x 50 x 10 cm  or 50x50x10 cm
1x Compressor unit consisting of 4x Compressor DWM 8CC-75 (with 37 kW direct
driven electromotor) and control panel
1x Separator 2290 ltr. Incl. 2x Hermetic CAM2-5 pumps
1x Receiver 60 ltr.
1x Air Cooled Condenser Helpman LCY 243 (360 kW)

Number of Fans              8     RPM of the Fans      930

Refrigerant        Freon   Air Flow in m³/h               124000

Sizes      5360x2360x1080 mm (LxWxH)          Remarks      Fan: 0,75 kW / 930 RPM / Ø = 760 mm

3x 20 plates = 800kg/3 hours
1x 26 plates = 1000kg/3 hours

Total 3400kg/3 hours = 13600kg/12 hours